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  1. So in the end of all your research and conclusions, what’s your point? White guilt. Should we all hang ourselves? Perhaps sell our daughters to blacks for retribution of the past? Abandon our communities and countries and willfully allow them to be pillaged by the descendants of the victims? What use is the information for, in reality? Financial reparations to certain races/ or countries deemed forever ruined and impoverished because of the past and actions of those long dead? If so you should admit it! Will the future look back on the current events of today also with so much contempt? And what will their indignation call for? Zapping us all to death according to the research and wishes of a university prof funded by the taxes of those he so despises?
    How many university educated knuckleheads, much like yourself, gave the politicians, monarchies and elite of the past support for slavery etc. I bet a lot! Now that sounds like a good research project. You could call it – How 1800’s University Academics supported the goals of the British Empire.

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Ponderings of a Glasgow historian of the Caribbean

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